Software Development

Professional Software Development is an engineering discipline. Using DDD to decompose and understand the objective domain, TDD to provide high-quality solutions, with a high-performance design in mind, while keeping the project agile, has been a proven methodology. Every time.

Domain and Test Driven Development

There are 2 types of bugs: When the software fails to give a result, and when the program excels at giving the wrong result. By combining Domain and Test Driven Development we can deliver apps that meet all business needs.

High Performance Custom Apps

Do you know what is worse than early optimization? "Never" optimization. High Performance is a requirement that starts at the app design, it is not a second though. Don't settle for less.

Agile Project Management and Recovery

Not because a methodology is followed victory is a guarantee. Is the emergence of a shared understanding between all the parties involved, and their active involvement, what makes any project a successful one.

Web Sites and Cloud Development

All though both types of development are internet related, they are very different in essence. We have successfully created business heroes out of our clients on both types of projects.