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We help businesses to reduce costs of operations by automating and optimizing organizational processes, by producing or helping them produce secure custom software, and by representing customer’s behavior knowledge into software.

  • CRM implementation and integration
  • ERP implementation and integration
  • Process Workflow support

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Web Development

In the era of Google, how will your potential customers find you? How can they know what you offer? Can they buy from you at 3AM, when you are closed?

A professional website gives credibility to your business, it allow customers to know and reach you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and it allows you to sell without being open.

No matter if you need just an online brouchre, or a full web app, talk to us!


The easiest way to take your data on the road... or share it.

You have a contact list that needs to be used by a group of people, or maybe you need to track the progress of your projects on the road. TableShare will help you to do just that... EASILY.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Business Process Management happens when the set of software, and IT systems, support your company as a whole.

Commonly, businesses have a series of separated systems that support individual departments, but there are weak connections between them, or none at all. Accouting uses one system, production uses a different one, and they talk between each other by spreadsheets.

Or worse, spreadsheets are a department system in itself, which means data is managed by non-enforceable agreements between employees.

While each of these system might seem to be working fine, the fact is that when there is no integration between them, it produces several problems:

  • Cross reporting is difficult, time consuming, manual, and error prone.
  • Since data transfer is done manually, there is lack of confidence on its accurracy.
  • It's difficult to track who is responsible for a particular step.
  • Problem resolution means a lot of emails, phone calls, and walking around, leading to bad customer support.
  • Employees are butting heads across departments.

RelProg Know-How solves these problems by following a 3 step process:

  • Current Process Discovery. No matter how messy, or complex, the truth is that you do have a process in place, but it grew organically and needs to be charted. To do this, you need to be actively involved.
  • Information Transfer and Ownership Automation. Using the map created in the previous step, we create flexible software that automate data transfer between systems, and tracks workload accountability at a granular level.
  • Iterative Process Improvement. While automation and resolution of the discovered low hanging fruits produces big benefits immediately, having a clear, flexible software implementation of the charted process, allowing for continual improvement.

But, what difference does it makes?

  • Reduced cost of execution. BPM is the oil to your company's gears. By reducing internal friction, things work faster in a more transparent and controlled way. It basically creates an efficient company.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction. If it's transparent where things are, then problems are easier to resolve too. Solutions can easily be integrated into the process so problems are not repeated.
  • Increased Employee Morale. People have a clear job, with smooth departamental interaction. This means it is not dreadful to go to work.

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Other Services

Here are other services where we have a track record in helping companies like yours:

  • Full Stack Development: With over 25 years of experience in software development, from Assembler and Fortran to the latest C# and MVC .Net technology, I am sure to take your project from start to finish on time, and under budget.
  • Secure Software Architecture: With long, successful projects in highly regulated industries, like hedge funds, I have the know how to design and complete projects that meet high security standards. Let me audit your software development process, and code, to see that it won't create liability issues for your company.
  • Predict Consumer Behavior: What if you could tell in advance how much inventory you will need, or what drives your consumers to buy more? Mathematical models automated in software can use your data to give you insight into your future (it's how the big companies do it). Let me analyse your data and build such a software for you.


Process that used to take hours were reduced to seconds. The ability to produce high quality deliveries quickly was a game changer for our customers, and for our selves

-- Kevin Hauskins, Director
Henry Rak Consulting Partners

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Jorge Varas is the founder of RelProg LLC, created in 2010, and is a firm that reconciles technology and business. Jorge has been involved with technology since 1984, junior year high school, which was when he took his first professional consulting job writing software in assembly. This early passion for technology moved him to graduate with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Throughout his career, clients and employers insist in putting him to solve their hardest problems; Jorge’s dedication, drive, and CS background has help him to disappoint no one. Currently, he is enthusiastic about the WOW effect produced by his deliveries (contact him for examples); and spends his free time with his family, and teaching classes on leadership for the United Methodist Church.